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Diffident boss

Originally published at Nostalgia Casino Blog. Please leave any comments there.

Sorry that I had no post for a long time. It’s all because I was very busy and I had some problems. But now I think my problems has gone away and I feel some free and lightness. Difficulties are part of our life and I don’t think that it would be interesting to live without them. I don’t want to tell you the essence of my problems and bother you, I want only to tell you, that I have coped with them.

having some fun

having some fun

Last post I’ve begun to tell you about evening with my boss. I don’t remember that evening in details, I can only say that my boss was delighted in that attention, I’ve paid to him. He has not expected such care from his worker. So after having a dinner we wanted to have some relax, especially my boss. He was very tired, I think. I’ve propose him to lie down for a while at my bed with me. He felt some shy, but eventually we was laying at my bed and talking about some funny things. For some entertainment we were playing web casino on my laptop. He has login his web casino account, as usual. I think that it was a waste of money to play casino roulette during our talk and rest. He was no care of losing and after some time of playing casino roulette we decided to try our luck in progressive jackpots. The luck was not on our side, as I was expected, but playing casino BlackJack has allowed to win back his lost money. It was really funny gambling.

When he was going to leave home it was about 3 o’clock, it was very late and I’ve propose him to stay. He was not refused, but he didn’t wanted to sleep with me in one bed, he was shy, I think. In the total he was sleeping at my sofa, I don’t think that it is very comfortable, but he felt asleep instantly, like a child.

Another day of web casino gambling

Originally published at Nostalgia Casino Blog. Please leave any comments there.

Today was another day of web casino gambling. My boss was still in business trip and I was free. It’s a pity, but I cant go home or even leave my work place during my working time. Its not a secret that most of private secretaries do whatever they want at their free working time. Me is not an exclusion. Thanks to my boss I have found a very fascinating entertainment. As you know this entertainment is web casino gambling. Yesterday I had got acquainted with some people during playing casino BlackJack, today I was playing casino roulette and video poker. I don’t a professional player of poker, I’m even not good in rules of poker. Gambling video poker turned out not so hard as I was expected. You only push a few button for which card you want to save and what card to change. Very simple, isn’t it? What about casino roulette, I’ve generate some strategy of playing during my small experience of playing. So I was enjoying gambling casino games and chatting with new people throughout my working time.

At the end of the day I have seen my boss. He has came back from his business trip. I didn’t know the results of his trip, but he was looking run down. He asked me to do some small things and said that I can go home.  As you know from my previous posts, my boss have not a girlfriend and I’ve thought that it will be nice to take care about him at that evening and I’ve invited him for a dinner in my house. He was not refused, but said that will came to me with a big pleasure in few hours. So I went home for dinner preparations, while he was staying at the office. I thought that home surroundings will relieve the stress and he will feel much better.

Originally published at Nostalgia Casino Blog. Please leave any comments there.

Today I have unoccupied working day. My boss has gone for a business trip for 2 days and I’m only sitting on my workplace and answering the calls. During my idleness day I played web casino. It’s one of few things which can help me to get out from boredom. I has played casino roulette the whole week and this gambling game begins to bother me. This is not implies that casino roulette is an uninteresting game. I think that regular loosing is the main reason of my indifference. May be I must contrive something new occupation for a few forthcoming days to be distracted from gambling and try to play casino roulette later, with fresh minds.

As roulette doesn’t want to give me a way of winning, I decided to play casino blackjack. Blackjack gambling, curiously enough, is a very simple, interesting and breathtaking. It’s has so simple game play like a solitaries, but has much more advantages and excitement. I’d prefer to play on a public table with a
minimum stakes. During my play I try to chat with visitor sitting at the same table. It’s a really funny. Shortly I’ve made with one men an acquaintance. It’s really funny, he plays casino blackjack from his work. He has invited me for a cup of coffee after work, but I think, that it was a good idea and I refused him. I think, next time I will accept his proposal, I like to meet new people and this is another advantage of web casino.

So, gamble casino for the whole day I’ve meet some interesting people. It was a good entertainment during my working day and tomorrow I hope I will spend my working day the same way.

Gambling at my work time

Originally published at Nostalgia Casino Blog. Please leave any comments there.

Weekends were over, working days begun. Early in the morning I came to my work. I work personal secretary at Design Company, as you know. My boss was late and after some preparations for my working time I had some free minutes. Usually I played solitaries, but that day I wanted to play some online casino games. I have never played Slots, and I wanted to play, but I don’t think, that it was a good idea of starting sort the rules of Slots at work, where anybody could distract you. That’s why I started to play BlackJack. I had a good impression about that game, because I had won some money playing that game the day before. BlackJack doesn’t demand a time to begin to enjoy such as Roulette. You can make a few stakes and stop playing wherever you like, even when somebody will distract you.

My boss was late for 40 minutes, he greeted me with pretty smile and went to his office. It goes without saying that I’ve stopped playing BlackJack and begun to make an report and a day schedule for my boss. Morning has always been bad time for playing, cause of busy on my work. Second half of my workday practically free and I can continue playing. I thought that I may learn rules of the slots, but while I was playing Slots for a short time I understood that it is not that kind of games what gives me some interests. Here you are only waiting for some results, I don’t think, that course of game depends of your actions. So I’d tried to play BlackJack at afternoon. That time I thought that gambling was some kind of derivant, because while I was playing online casino the day flew by very fast. I was really happy, because I’ve found some occupation that can smooth my bored work time.

Weekends of gamble

Originally published at Nostalgia Casino Blog. Please leave any comments there.

After a breakfast I’ve visit my parents and when I came back at home, I had nothing to do. It goes without saying that I began to gamble. I’ve learned some primary features of Roulette from my boss and I was waiting for a checking my playing abilities with impatience in this casino game. Online casino provides two kinds of Roulette – European and American. As I knew from my boss European Roulette has more chances for winnings, but American Roulette is more exiting. My choice was European Roulette, of course I wanted to win. Who wants to play and to lose?  More chances you have, more pleasure you receive. I begun to play, I thought that newcomers are lucky. Yes, first twenty minutes I was lucky, but then my luck abandoned me. It’s unpleasant thing to have loses after winnings, but I was keen on gambling, and me was no care of losing at that time. But everything has their end, I was tired of constant losing and I wanted to play another casino game.

Lots of people says that BlackJack has a good chances of winnings in online casino, even online players has an advantage over casino. Surely it’s deriving inspiration, but BlackJack is not so simple for me, rules of the game is more complicated. I decided to shatter the myth and to play myself. My first impression was not so good as I was expected, it claims more attention and some calculations. I doesn’t felt some relax, I played intently. You cant play BlackJack without particular effort, as you can play in Roulette, of course if you want to win. But the result of my first experience was not so bad, I have on some money. May be it was a luck, as I said before, newcomers are lucky.

I’m ready for my first try

Originally published at Nostalgia Casino Blog. Please leave any comments there.

Playing online casino with your boss is really funny, especially when he is a good person and you feel drawn to him. That evening we have spent a really good time. We have drunk a few bottles of wine and I had such feelings, that he had drunk much more than I. I wake up much later than usual. I think that I had a little hangover and a little headache. I cant even imagine my boss feelings. May be he was still sleeping.

After staying in bed for a few time and putting myself to rights I’ve decided to play online casino. To play with my boss is a big pleasure, especially when we was under drunk and we both wanted some propinquity. We have played on his casino account, I don’t even know, how much money we have loss. Randomly betting don’t give beneficial effect. It’s all good, I thought, but I wanted to play myself, I wanted to feel myself some passion, enjoy or regret, I wanted to got exited and to understand why some people are keen of gambling. That days was my weekend and I could play all days long.

Nostalgia Casino - groovy 60s and 70s

Originally published at Nostalgia Casino Blog. Please leave any comments there.

My recommendations of gambling

My recommendations of gambling

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Online casino playing with my boss

Originally published at Nostalgia Casino Blog. Please leave any comments there.

My boss is a good person. He doesn’t married yet and doesn’t have a girlfriend, as I know. He only have a sexual partner. A few days ago he invite me to play online casino games in home surroundings, where nothing should disturb us. He wanted to be my teacher of casino entertainments. But, to all appearances, I thought, that he wanted a sexy relationships with me. I had no sexual partner for a long time, but to sleep with a boss is a bad idea.

I don’t refused his proposal and we arranged to meet on Friday evening in a restaurant. At that day he left his office to soon and when my work time was over I went to restaurant. He was waiting for me. As I expect, he told me nothing about casino games. Our conversation was all about relationships between man and woman, but I was not upset. He is pleasant person and he tells fine words.

I with my boss

I with my boss

After dinner we went to his home. A little drunken we began to play roulette and discuss some funny things. During our conversation we forgot about any strategies and we was no care about money. We only staked on random numbers and even sometimes we won. It was really funny. We was look like as a kids, everything was funny and interesting for us. After some time of playing he tryed to press to one’s breast. I was extremely excited, that I forgot about online casino…

Features of online casino from my boss

Originally published at Nostalgia Casino Blog. Please leave any comments there.

I was novice in a gambling and my first experience was not so good as I expected. I had loses after loses. It was good that I was playing on small bets. I asked my boss to tell me some features of the online casino games. I thought he  is an experienced gambler and he could tell me something useful.

My dream is winning

My dream is winning

After working time I came to his office room and offer a few minutes of pointless conversation I asked him to give me an advice how to play good. My ask maked him laugh and he said that I must get more experience to play good. He logined to his online casino account on his laptop and begun to show me his manner of playing in a roulette. It was really exiting, he is a good gambler. I cant say that he has a big series of winnings, but he has profit and that was cool, because he played on big money.

During his play he told me the basic features of the game. First of all, don’t use the double bets strategy. This strategy is good for traditional casino roulette, if you have much money, of course, but in online casino it sucks. You can’t keeping up your bets for a series of 6 spins, because online casinos have maximum and minimum bets, but in combination with other strategies, double betting system can give you good results. He told me, that double betting is good for BlackJack. After a series of loses possible will be a series of winnings and increasing your bets could give you a profit.

Something about my bored life

Originally published at Nostalgia Casino Blog. Please leave any comments there.

Hi my name is Veronica Nielsen, I’m from Sweden, 24 years old and I’m working at Design Company. My boss likes to visit gambling-houses and he asked me to make him an online casino account. I have made two online casino accounts: one for him and one for myself. Gambling-houses are too expensive for me and I decided to play online casino with a minimum bets. I’m not so busy at my work and I have a lot of free time. Before registering online casino account I played solitaires at work.

Bored office life

Bored office life

Playing online casino at work possible is not a good idea, because you can be disturbed by somebody or by a telephone rings at any time, what will be reflected on you concentration and your online casino deposit. Most of all I prefer Roulette, because it has simple rules and you don’t need such concentrations as Poker or even BlackJack. I think that Slots and Craps are also good games for office play and sometimes I play it too.